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Britni Allison Berner  

May 31, 1985 - July 19, 2012
Britni's Website


On one of the many days Britni spent in the hospital, her best friend Sarah and I were with her, and the three of us decided to go for a little stroll to the hospital gift shop down the hall. On the way out of the gift shop, in one of the rare instances Britni talked about the possibility of dying, she asked us if she didn't survive if we would pursue her goal of setting up a non-profit to give away what she called "swag" bags with items in them to comfort other young adult women who were receiving intravenous chemotherapy.

Britni's Vision

This is a photo of Britni's journal where she wrote down her plans for the non-profit project she wanted to pursue had she survived. 

Because I cannot hold you in my arms,

I will envelope you in my heart.

Because I cannot hear your song,

I will whisper your love into the world.

Because I cannot gaze into your eyes,

I will tender your vision of compassion

where it's most needed.

In every moment without you,

I will grace others with the beauty

in your wake.

  -Dr. Joanne Cacciatore

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