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advocate for your Cervix 

Thank you Kristin Garvin, Senior Global Product Communications Manager, with Roche Diagnostics Corporation for your kindness and dedication in the video production of Britni's story.

I shared Britni's story with Kristin and Roche Diagnostics Corporation to possibly help other young women to know to ask for the cobas hrHPV DNA test as their primary screening tool beginning at age twenty-five. I hope Britni's story will help raise awareness for women, no matter what your age, if you are symptomatic and your Pap test is normal, you need to insist on having a hrHPV DNA test to see if you have one of the high risk types of HPV. 

Britni and I both thought she was doing everything "medically" possible to detect (Pap test) and prevent (HPV vaccination) cervical cancer. We didn't know there is a type of cervical cancer that's been on the rise the past thirty years, that predominantly affects younger women, that can go undetected by a Pap test because it's higher in the cervical canal. 

Thank you sweet Sarah for telling Britni's story so beautifully in spite of your grief.

-Britni's Momma

Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic 
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